For thousands of years a merciless war has raged between the werewolves and the vampires. This is not just a war over hunting territories, this is the ultimate battle to decide who will rule the world! The war between the werewolves and vampires has also spread to the internet, you too have the chance to join one of the warring parties, perhaps tipping the balance in favor of your chosen race!

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Game Basics
You require nothing more than an internet connection and a web browser to play MonstersGame. Click on "Register" and decide whether you want to join the clan of the vampires or that of the werewolves. Registration is quite easy, doesn't cost you anything and there is no further obligation on your part. Once you have registered, you find yourself on the overview page of your RPG character. Here you can find important information about your character and also your victim-link, with which you can find victims in the far reaches of the internet by placing the link appropriately. For example, you can send the link to your friends, place it on your homepage or use it as a signature in forums. If an unsuspecting victim clicks on your link, you bite him/her and suck 1-3 liters of blood (as a vampire) or devour 1-3 kilogrammes of flesh (as a werewolf). Additionally, the same amount of gold will be credited to your game account. If your victim registers for MonstersGame, you have created a new vampire/werewolf and you receive 25% of the loot that he/she receives from his/her own victims in the internet! Once the character(s) you have created via your victim link has reached level 3, you receive 50 gold and 1 experience Point! You can invest your gold in training for your character to improve his/her attributes or you can buy and expand your hideout to better protect your character from attacks by the enemy race.

In addition to the hunt in the internet, you can also directly attack players of the enemy race and steal their gold. Your character's attributes and equipment play a vital role in these attacks, please see "Overview" for more information.

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Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4 Screenshot #5 Screenshot #6 Screenshot #7

Here you can see all of the vital information for your character, such as how much loot you have already accumulated, your attributes and how much gold you currently have available. You also see detailed statistics about your past battles against the enemy race and can find a list of any monsters you have already created. On this page you can also use Blood Crystals to improve your weapons and increase their maximum damage (unless you are using the "Inventory" page; if so, you must improve them there)! Here are a few details about the attributes of your character:

Strength determines how much damage you do, IF you are able to strike your opponent (If his/her stamina is high, you will do less damage!)
Defense determines how well you can block or evade enemy attacks (If the enemy has a high agility level he/she will hit you more often!)
Agility determines how likely you are to strike your opponent (If the enemy's defense is high, you are less likely to hit him/her!)
Stamina determines how much damage you sustain IF you are struck by the enemy and also allows you to fight longer and more effectively.
Dexterity determines how likely you are to find an opponent during the hunt search and also affects his defense bonus (if his hideout is huge and your dexterity is low, you can't find him and he gets a large defense bonus!)
You receive experience Points when you fight against characters that have the same or a higher level than you. You get 2 Points if you defeat a character of a higher level and receive 1 point every time you fight enemies of the same level, whether or not you win! When you have amassed enough experience, you absorb some of the enemy's health points and are promoted to the next level; your total maximum health points increase as a result and you receive a gold bonus.
Health Points
Your current health points gives you an idea of what physical condition your character is in, you are always shown the maximum possible and current number of health points. You are fully ready to fight when both values are the same. When fighting you usually lose some health points. You regain 10 health points per hour automatically and can buy pealth potions from the store to recover points more quickly.

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Many activities appear to be simple, but to completely master them is a challenge. Mastery of an activity in MonstersGame is rewarded with accomplishments, but there are also special accomplishments that are awarded if you have completed a special one-time task. The best part is that accomplishments are not simply useless decorations or ego boosters, they can often be used to improve your chances during a battle!

Many of the accomplishments in MonstersGame grant a bonus that can be used under certain circumstances, while others merely grant you a special title with no special powers (such titles are visible in only a few selected areas within the game).

To use accomplishments effectively, it is important to know how they work and how they can be activated.

Every player can possess an unlimited number of accomplishments. Although many of these can grant a bonus, they are not automatically active. To activate an accomplishment and take advantage of its bonus, the accomplishment must be added to a so-called set in the accomplishment management area (main menu item "accomplishments") . Premium players possess two sets and non-Premium players have one. Each player can own up to 5 sets. Each set can hold up to 5 accomplishments and only one set can be active at any given time, so you may have a maximum of 5 accomplishments simultaneously active (you may of course also create sets with less than 5 accomplishments!).

In the upper section of the accomplishment management area all currently available sets are shown as buttons. The number behind the name indicates how many accomplishments the set currently contains. The button for the currently selected set has a red border and activated sets have a red glowing area at the bottom under the name.

Fig. 1: active set (left side), currently selected set (middle), inactive, unselected set (right side)

Fig. 2: an active set that has been selected and is being displayed

Directly under these buttons you will see a group of 3 icons:

The icon on the left side can be used to activate a title (see below). In the center you see details for the currently selected set. The icon on the right can be used to remove an accomplishment (or a title) from the selected set. Under the selected set you see its status (active/inactive) and you can activate or deactivate it or change its name. The name can be changed at any time and is only visible to you. You can choose to display the set details, which does not allow you to make changes to the set itself but displays its details in a clear manner.

Under the set display you will find a complete list of your accomplishments, whether or not they are contained in a set. If you move the mouse cursor over an icon, the accomplishments associated with it will be displayed. By clicking the accomplishment will be displayed in the preview window on the right side. If you would like to add an accomplishment to the currently selected set, you can either click on the little accomplishment icon first and then on an empty slot in the set or you can simply click on “add” in the preview section.

Only accomplishments contained in an active set grant you bonuses in the game.

You will doubtless quickly accumulate at least 5 accomplishments. It is thus important to consider that accomplishments can be moved to another set or a different set itself can be selected at nearly any time. Some accomplishments help you during battles while others give you a discount in the shop or when training and so forth. It is therefore ideal to create several different sets that can quickly and easily be swapped to grant you the ideal benefits for your current activities in the game.

Notice: there are accomplishments with effects that work over time. If you deactivate such an accomplishment before the affected activity has ended, you will lose the entire bonus from the accomplishment. For example, if you have activated an accomplishment granting a bonus that reduces manhunt durations and you deactivate that accomplishment during a manhunt, the manhunt will require the normal amount of time for completion, as the bonus time reduction will be added to the remaining duration.

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You can send other characters of both races messages here and read any messages that have been sent to you. You can also find lists of your recent battle reports with the enemy race; reports from both defensive and offensive battles are available.

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You can buy a hideout here with the gold you receive from raids and any internet victims. You can erect a building, wall and path and also change the surroundings. The higher the level of your upgrades, the harder it is for an enemy on the hunt to find you and the larger the defense bonus you receive if you are attacked (both factors only apply if you are at home!).

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The Town
The town contains several areas of interest you will need to become familiar with:

The store You can visit the store in the town to buy weapons, armor, rings and various potions to heal your wounds or temporarily improve your character attributes.
There are basically 3 categories of rings: manhunt, battle/gold and rings that improve the basic stats of your character in the battle. Only the best manhunt or battle/gold ring you possess is used to calculate your bonus and only one of each type can ever be carried. Rings that improve your stats during battles are also selected based on the required level; duplicate rings of this type (or any other type) are NOT counted, so buying two of one type of ring will never work. If you want to take advantage of all types of rings, buy the best available battle/gold ring, the best available manhunt ring and the best devil's ring and defense ring OR the best and second best rings of either skill-enhancing type if you want to specialize in defense or offense alone.
There are various types of amulets available, which can be purchased in the shop once you have reached level 30; these amulets only work if the are worn and are thus active. Some amulets make you more successful during manhunts, other increase the rate of healing for your character, and some can influence the results of battles in various ways. Below is a general description of the amulets available.
Amulet of ancestral protection
If you are attacked and defeated by an overpowering enemy, an ancestor will appear sooner than normal and also heals more damage than under ordinary circumstances.
Amulet of orientation (available only for Premium players)
While wearing this amulet you instinctively avoid tiny hamlets during manhunts and your chances for success are also increased.
Healing amulets (three versions are available)
The player receives a level-dependent bonus that is added to the normal regeneration and greatly increases the overall regeneration.
Amulets of panic (Silver and garlic versions are available for the respective races, these amulets can only be purchased and used by Premium players)
If you wear this amulet and are attacked, there is a small chance that the amulet's powerful magic will cause the opponent to flee from the scene of the battle. If the amulet's power is unleashed, the battle does not actually take place, but the normal 5 minute waiting period for both players applies and the attacker may not attack the same opponent again for 12 hours!
Charisma amulets (nine different versions are available)
The winner of a battle receives a special bonus when wearing this type of amulet, because the amulet draws spectators to the scene of the battle. The spectators lose gold, which is then credited to the winner's account. The gold bonus is NOT removed from the loser's game account because it arises from the masses of onlookers.
Amulet of perfection (available only for Premium players)
While wearing this amulet, you will NEVER fail during manhunts! Just imagine, never again will you trip over trashcans or run into light poles! :)
Amulet of experience
This amulet can provide you with bonus experience during manhunts because ancestral spirits guide you; the larger the city, the more higher the experience bonus can be.
Amulet of animalistic empathy
While wearing this amulet, you have a chance to weaken the enemy's sentinel. The weakening effect applies to both attackers and defenders, but defending players WITHOUT sentinels additionally have the chance to magically charm the attacker's sentinel, which will then turn on its master and fight for the defender! However, in this case the sentinel will attack in the weakened state!
Cursed ancestral amulet
This amulet confuses the ancestors to such a degree that they can be led to heal the attacker rather than the defender.... So, if you have some "special friends" you would like to be especially nasty to, this amulet is for you! ;) This amulet can only be used once; after use it disappears from your inventory.
The graveyard You can take on various jobs in the graveyard to earn gold; however, while your character is working, he/she is unable to perform any other actions in the game. You can work for a maximum of 12 hours at one time. You select the amount of time you would like to work and click on the gravestone where you would like to start working. If you are lucky, you can find an item (such as a weapon, armor, a ring, potion, or amulet) or you can find a few Blood Crystals. After you have finished working you receive your wages for the work you have done and can work again, if you wish. Your character gets better jobs at the graveyard as his/her level increases; the better the job, the more you are paid for each hour you work!

Your sentinel Once you reach level 5 you can buy your character the first of the sentinels, the hound. There are more than 40 different sentinels in all, each of which can be trained to improve its attack, defense and stamina attributes. Each sentinel has a specific base value for these three attributes; to train one of these attributes, you must pay 1 gold for the first point, 4 gold for the second point etc. The more expensive the sentinel is to buy initially, the higher the base value of its attributes. That is, if the sentinel has base attributes of level three, training costs 1 gold to increase the attribute to 4 and 4 gold to increase it to 5. Similarly, for base attributes of 10, training to 11 also costs 1 gold and to level 12 costs 4 gold. If you plan to highly train your sentinel eventually, it is thus a good idea to always buy the best possible sentinel, because you will end up saving money later, when each level can easily cost 10000 gold! You can dismiss your sentinel at any time to buy another sentinel; if you do so, you receive a refund of the entire purchase price but ANY gold spent on training the sentinel is lost! The attributes of your sentinel are added to your own whenever you fight an enemy, in the same manner that weapons or armor can boost your attributes. However, the bonus from your sentinel is shown in a separate section of the battle report, whereas weapon or armor bonuses are added directly to your attributes.

Ancestral Site Once your character has reached level 20, you can challenge your ancestors in the ancestral site. If you succeed in defeating the ancestor, you will be able to learn a special ability or further train an existing special ability. Each race has 4 special abilities to choose from. Once you reach level 20 you can learn one special ability, after level 40 you can learn an additional ability and upon reaching level 60 you can again choose a new ability. Level 80 characters can learn all 4 abilities. Ancestors can only be challenged once every 24 hours. Your ancestor will demand a fee for each challenge and the fee increases with each successful challenge. The special abilities affect the results of your battles but only when both combatants are level 20 or above.

These are the four special abilities available to vampires:

Blood rageThe ability blood rage will give your vampire unimaginable strength. (Per level +5 strength)

DoppelgängerThe ability doppelgänger will enable your vampire to appear in two places at once. (Per level +5 agility)

ToughnessThe ability toughness makes your vampire more resistant to damage. (Per level +5 stamina)

StoneskinThe ability stoneskin makes your vampire more resistant to weapons and increases your defensive abilities. (Per level +5 defense)

These are the four special abilities available to werwolves:

Barbaric rageThe ability barbaric rage gives your werewolf incredible strength by allowing you to focus your rage on the enemy. (Per level +5 strength)

ReflexesThe abilty reflexes allows your werewolf to move faster than the eye can follow. (Per level +5 agility)

BerserkerThe ability berserker makes your werewolf more resistant to damage. (Per level +5 stamina)

FireThe ability fire makes your werewolf unapproachable and frightens off your enemies. (Per level +5 defense)

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Here you can go on raids, searching the countryside for enemy characters and challenging them to fights! You can either search for a certain opponent by entering his/her name or you can randomly search for enemies. If you win the battle with your enemy, you receive 5-10% of his/her current supply of gold. Each player can only be attacked once every 60 minutes and you can only attack the same player once each 12 hours (but he can attack you after one hour!). Players with less than 25 health points remaining can neither attack nor be attacked and they cannot go on manhunts until their health once again reaches 25 points. Your health points never fall below 1 point and as soon as one combatant has less than 10 health points during a fight, he/she loses the battle! You can attack other players every 15 minutes (as a Premium player every 5 minutes). You receive 1 experience point for each battle against players of the same level (whether you won or lost) or a higher level (if you lost); if you win against players of a higher level, you receive 2 points!

You can also go on manhunts here, which brings you Loot, gold, experience and perhaps a few Blood Crystals if you are successful. You can go on manhunts for 1 hour per day (as a Premium player for 2 hours daily). While on a manhunt, you can't perform any other actions in the game, such as training your character or buying items in the store.

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Vampires and Werewolves can form clans in MonstersGame (naturally only monsters of the same race can join the same clan!). By using the "Clan" link, you can either search for clans seeking members or, once you have reached level 3, you can create your own clan! Once you have joined a clan or created one, you will see new menu items when you click on the "Clan" link. Over these new links (as a clan admin) you can accept new members, give members certain clan authorizations or dismiss members from the clan. You can also expand the clan domicile; each level added to the clan domicile increases the number of members the clan can hold by 5 members. To improve the domicile, you need donations of gold from the various clan members.

Admin rights In your clan you can now assign various rights to each member to make the clan administration more flexible. You can see the different types of admin rights available on the administration rights page. Be sure to carefully consider the consequences before granting full admin rights or the right to kick clan members!

Clan wars The flames of war burn especially bright whenever powerful clans of the opposing races meet one another on the battlefield. Each clan with 5 or more members can declare war on any other clan of the enemy race. The defending clan must not fulfill any membership quota to be eligible for participation in clan wars. Defending clans cannot decline the first war declared by a certain clan, and aggressor clans cannot refuse the first war declared upon them as an act of vengeance by clans they have attacked. Cowardly actions such as leaving or being removed from a clan after a declaration of war will offer you no protection – if a war is declared, a snapshot of all members of both clans is made and used to determine the outcome of the war. Thus, do not be surprised when an opponent who is not listed as being a member of any clan attacks you and the attack is counted in a clan war; the player was clearly a member of the opposing clan as the war was declared!

During clan wars the normal one hour protection from attacks after a battle applies, but the 12 hour cool-down for attacks on the same player is extended to 4 attacks within 12 hours. You can freely decide when to make the attacks. For example, you can attack the same war opponent at 6, 7, 8 and 9 PM and then again at 6 AM on the following day, assuming that the player is not protected at those times due to other battles.Although the elders frown upon the practice, you can offer an enemy clan a peace treaty if you wish to end a clan war. If your clan offers a peace treaty, all members of the opposing who can decide whether or not to accept the treaty (i.e. war admins and full admins) will receive a PM notifying them about the peace treaty offer. They may accept the peace treaty but can also reject it, it is their decision! If the peace treaty is accepted, any attacks between members of the clans involved in the treaty will not count towards the war results, as though the war had never taken place. If a peace treaty has been accepted and is active, all members of both clans will be informed about the treaty.

For various reasons it may be desirable to ask the opponent to agree to a ceasefire during a war - both the aggressor and the defender may suggest a ceasefire. If a ceasefire is active and you encounter a member of the opposing clan while searching for opponents, you will be shown a notice stating that a ceasefire between your clans is currently in force. If you attack an opponent in spite of a ceasefire (which is possible, since ceasefires are NOT enforced by any mechanism in the game!), the ceasefire will be broken and the war will continue normally. You should therefore carefully consider which clans can safely be offered a ceasefire, as they can end the agreement at any time of their choosing.

All members of both clans will be informed in-game via system PM if a ceasefire has been agreed upon or violated.

In some cases one of the clans may be hopelessly outclassed by the opponent or may simply wish not to participate in clan wars. In this case the only alternative is capitulation. If your clan finds itself in this situation, you can end any war instantly and without interference by the enemy clan. Capitulation comes at a cost; the capitulating clan loses all victories and points gained during the war, while the the enemy clan is able to keep any gains it may have made. Capitulation is instantaneous and all players in both clans will receive a PM informing them of the capitulation and which clan member capitulated. Premium players receive a bonus feature in the detail section of the clan war overview containing detailed information about the performance of the clan's members during the war.

The following information is available for each clan member:

Name - the player's name
Points – the total points gained by the player (equal to the number of victories during the war)
Battles – the total number of offensive and defensive battles during the war
Attacks - the total number of attacks made by the player during the war
Damage – the total damage the player inflicted upon enemies during the war
Gold - the total amount of gold the player the player has looted from opponents during the war

If the total number of battles is much higher than the number of attacks, this implies that the player is passive and is often being attacked by the enemy. If the number of points gained is significantly lower than the number of attacks, then the player is losing many offensive battles. The detailed war statistics provide clan leaders with a powerful tool for judging the performance of their members.

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As the name suggests, you can change your game settings by clicking on the "Settings" link. For example, you can add some background information about your character or create a text to be shown to victims once they click on your victim link! If you have a Premium account, you can upload an avatar picture for your character and change his/her name as often as you please.

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In the arena you can compete against several other players, including members of your own race. In arena battles only the bonuses from your weapons, armor, rings, items and ancestral fights count. Potions have no effect in the arena!
Arena battles are carried out using the account data that was present in your account at the time of registration for or creation of the arena battle. In other words, you can change your equipment, skills and sentinel after joining an arena battle and the changes will have NO affect on the outcome of the battle. It is important to note that any changes made to your account after it has joined an arena battle are not taken into account when the arena battle is carried out.

The arena overview: In the arena overview you see all currently available arena battles. The overview is organized as follows: At the top you see the name of the arena battle as well as that of the player who created the battle. Just below you will see the deadline for registration for the arena battle. Next to that field you see the registration fees and skill requirements for participation. If any of the entries here are shown in red, you do not fulfill the participation requirements.

To make the overview clearer when many arena battles are available, there are various font colors that reflect various rules:

An arena battle opened by you always appears at the top. Additionally, the names of arena battles you started are written with a gold font to enable you to quickly see if there are enough participants or if the battle will soon be starting.
Arena battles for which you are registered but did not start yourself are also shown at the top, but for such battles a blue title font is used instead of gold.
Arena battles in which you can immediately participate are shown next - in a green font.
Last to be shown are all the battles in which you are currently unable to participate; they are either white or grey. White means that you could theoretically participate, but you most likely need a bit more gold to pay the fees or you are already currently enrolled in a different battle. Grey means that you do not fulfil the skill requirements for the battle. Perhaps you can improve your skills enough to meet the requirements and register later. Arena battles that are already full are also shown in gray.

Options when starting an arena battle:

Arena battles are divided into duels (exactly 2 participants) and tournaments (4 or more participants). Other than the number of participants, the two types of battles are quite similar and the term arena battle refers to both categories.
Simple options:

Name of the arena battle
Here you can give your arena battle an individual name. Your character name will also appear in the overview. The name has no direct influence on the battle itself, but choosing an interesting or attractive name can improve the chances that you will find enough participants.
Number of participants
Would you like a small and tidy battle or a massive and brutal bash-fest? That can be selected here! All participants are randomly placed in one of the teams before the battle starts and during the actual battle each player fights each member of the opposing team.
Extended options:
Registration deadline:
The registration deadline determines how long players are able to register for the battle. If the arena battle is not full by the end of the deadline, the battle is cancelled and all registered player will receive a refund for the entry fees paid.
If the required number of players join an arena battle before the deadline has expired, the battle will be carried out at about 9 pm game time (server time).
The longer the deadline, the more likely it is that your arena battle will be filled with the requisite number of players, but since you can only participate in one arena battle at a time, selecting a very long deadline may result in a long wait if you do not find enough participants quickly. It is thus wise to carefully choose the deadline!
Participation fees:
The fees you must pay if you start or join an arena battle.
Duels can also be set up to be free of participation fees - you must not pay a fee but you do not receive gold or arena points from the battle.
The standard fee can be slightly increased or decreased if you wish. Each member of the winning team receives winnings amounting to twice the amount they paid as entry fees.
Skill range:
Your skill or stat average is calculated as the average of your strength, defense, agility, stamina and dexterity, i.e. the sum of these skills divided by 5 is your skill average.
The average skill value required for participation in a particular arena battle corresponds exactly to the average skills of the player who started that arena battle. The skill range determines how much the average skills of the participants may deviate from the required skill range while still allowing them to participate.
Your skill average is shown on the status page next to your level.
Example: You open an arena battle with average skills of 100. For the skill range you select "+/- 10". Only players with average skills between 90 and 100 may take part in your battle.
The larger the skill range, the more players will be eligible for your battle and the more likely it will become that your arena battle will be quickly filled with players and completed. At the same time, a large skill range may allow much stronger players to gain entry to the battle and lead to massive losses for weaker participants.
With equipment
If this option is selected, all items equipped (armor, weapons, rings) as the arena battle was created or registration for the battle was completed will be factored into the character stats during the battle. NOTICE: any stat bonuses granted by items are NOT used to calculate the skill average for the participants. Thus choosing this option can result in a wider distribution of actual character strengths, as some players may be better equipped than others.
With sentinels
If this option is chosen, any characters with a sentinel will receive the sentinel boni on their stats during the calculation of the battle results. NOTICE: The sentinel skills are NOT used to calculate the character skill ranges, thus players with strong sentinels will have a massive advantage over those without a sentinel or with weak sentinels. Before joining a battle with this option selected, you should check the sentinels of all other registered participants!
With ancestral skills
I this option is selected, all ancestral skill are used to calculate the results of the arena battle NOTICE: The ancestral skills are NOT used to calculate the character skill ranges, thus players with high ancestral skills will have a massive advantage over those with poor skills. Before joining a battle with this option selected, you should check the number of successful ancestral challenges completed by all other registered participants and compare the number with your own to get an idea of their strength!

Arena points

For each arena battle you participate in you will receive so-called arena points. These points reflect your performance during the battle.

For a victory you receive around 300 points, a defeat is still worth about 100 points - participation is key, you ALWAYS receive points. A modifier is used for each player and each team. If the stronger team wins, it will receive less than the full 300 points for the victory, as the battle presented no real challenge. If the weaker team loses, it receives a bit more than the full 100 points for the loss, as it did the best it could under the lopsided conditions. If the weaker team wins, it will receive a good bit more than the normal 300 victory points, since it was able to beat the odds and defeat a superior opponent, and at the same time the stronger losing team will receive less than the full 100 points for their embarrassing loss to the underdogs.....

Arena points are used in three different ways to determine your success in the arena. To see the arena statistics, please make sure that the account option for displaying the arena statistics is activated in your account settings.
'All-Time' best list and arena ranks
In these statistics all arena points gained in the past are counted, whereas the seasonal score only accounts for points made within a certain time period. There is an important difference: The all-time arena points for all players decay daily and decrease by a small percentage.
There are 10 ranks, starting with 10 (needs improvement) and extending up to 1 (extremely good). The top rank 1 only exists once per game world. The 10th place rank can be easily reached by any player who occasionally participates in arena battles. The better the rank, the harder it is to achieve and hold that rank.
Due to the daily arena point decay process, players who take a break from the game or arena battles can lose their rank.
Arena season
An arena season is a monthly season from the 1st to the last day of each month. Points from arena battles from earlier months are not counted. At the end of each month the calculation of the seasonal highscore takes place and the rank titles for the three top players in that season are awarded and will appear in the player's character profile.
Your personal arena trend
If you have activated the display of the arena statistics in your account settings, you will see a graphical display of the trend of your arena activities in the form of a moon. The darker the moon, the poorer your arena performance is as calculated in by the arena trend algorithm.
This trend is calculated based on the last 30 days and is not based on calendar months as is the seasonal highscore. For example, on the 15th of March all battles going back to the 15th of February are counted.
If you participate daily in an arena battle for 30 days and always win, you have a very good chance of seeing a bright full Moon at the end of the month...

After the arena battle has been successfully completed you will receive an arena battle completion message and can view the results of the battle in your messages or on the arena page itself. To receive your winnings - if any are due - simply visit the arena page again. You cannot participate in new arena battles until you pick up your winnings from the last battle.

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In your account settings you can choose to show your current item inventory list on a separate page to clean up your status page. If you do, no items will be shown on the status page and any weapons you wish to harden must be hardened on the "Inventory" page.

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The link "Premium" leads you the area where you can buy Blood Crystals. In the blood temple you can use the Blood Crystals to purchase Premium time for your game account or trade them for gold at a level-dependent rate. Blood Crystals can also be used in the shop to buy amulets or can be used to harden your weapon on the status page (or on the "Inventory" page if it is being used).

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Blood temple
Here you can trade Blood Crystals directly for gold at a level-dependent rate or you can exchange them for Premium account time. MonstersGame can in principal be played free of charge, but if you become a Premium player, the game is free of advertising (however, we may send you PMs in-game or display messages in-game with information or offers, this is not regarded as advertising!), you can upload a character avatar and can enjoy many other benefits as well!
If you exchange Blood Crystals for Premium time and you either have no Premium account or your Premium account is valid for 30 days or less, you receive a level-dependent gold bonus for activating a Premium account! The gold bonus is directly determined by your level - the current gold bonus, if one applies, is shown on the Premium page and in the blood temple!

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1) Players have no legal claim to a game account.
2) Players must heed instructions given by the game operator and the game and forum administration.
3) Spamming or flooding public forums, bulletin boards or chats with victim links is forbidden and can lead to deletion of all game accounts involved.
4) All bugs (defects resulting from the game programming) must be reported to the MonstersGame Team immediately. Intentional use of a known bug for personal gain will result in the deletion of any accounts involved in the bug-using.
5) Multiaccounts (more than 1 Account per USER per SERVER) and any other form of cheating are forbidden and any game accounts involved in violations of these rules are subject to immediate deletion. Farming (attacks on your own multiaccounts or the accounts of other player who prepare the account(s) for your attack) will result in account deletion with NO warning and NO exceptions!
6) The use of scripts, bots and similar programs to automate actions in the game will result in deletion of your account. Scripts/Bots include programs that carry out actions of any kind in the game automatically or through manual control by the user. Such actions include reading data directly from the game-server or the pages making up the game. This includes the use of link exchanges and all internet services that make possible automatic clicking of personal links!
7) The accounts of players who insult other players or members of the MonstersGame Team may be deleted without notice.
8) Players are not allowed to auction parts of the game or whole accounts on internet auction sites or anywhere else; any accounts involved will be deleted.
9) The accounts of players who log into the account of another player without permission or hack player accounts will be deleted.
10) The game and/or game-board accounts of players with offensive, pornographic, illegal, racist, sexist or politically extremist character names or clan names/tags are subject to immediate deletion.
11) The accounts of players sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, sexist, or politically radical (Neo-Nazi, racist etc.) in-game messages or game board PMs or players with such content in their descriptions (whether text or pictures) are subject to immediate deletion.
12) We want to expressly state that each player is solely responsible for the distribution of his/her own victim link. We will assume absolutely no responsibility for consequences arising from the improper placement of victim links in public chats, guest books, boards or forums if the player has violated any rules by placing the victim link there.
13) unauthorized takeovers of clans after a clan fusion has been completed or ANY takeovers involving logging or hacking into to the accounts of other players will lead to the deletion of your own account!
14) Spamming or deliberately annoying or provoking other players via in-game message or per forum PM is forbidden. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders will be deleted! Repeat attacks are NOT a form of harassment!
15) Sending other players in-game messages or forum PM containing invitations to join your clan is forbidden. There are threads in the game forum intended to provide you with a means to advertise for your clan. You will be warned if we receive complaints from other players and the game accounts of repeat offenders are subject to deletion!
16) Bite links must be clearly recognizable as a bite link and the victim must have a chance to decide whether or not he/she wants to be bitten. The use of shortlinks, popups or pages containing multiple bite links that automatically open is forbidden and may result in account deletion! Bite links must be placed in such a manner that the actual address is visible upon mouseover, but you can use a text tag to "disguise" the link.
17) The distribution of any tools/bots/scripts intended to manipulate MonstersGame is forbidden and will result in the deletion of the game accounts involved. See also Rule 6)
18) The content of clan or character descriptions may not distort the pages and frames used in the game (Maximum width = 530 pixels!). The use of senseless texts, images or empty space is forbidden if the sole purpose of the content is to lengthen the description and make attacks difficult.
19) Player names and battle reports may be posted in clan or character descriptions BUT must be removed immediately if the player requests removal of the information and using the information in an insulting manner is of course forbidden!


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